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Dream Island
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This area is unique is Lineage. You don't lose experience point when you die and the only way to leave this island is to restart. The monsters name doesn't reveal their level and they only give minimal experience points but the drops make it worth hunting there.

Monsters in this area

Fungus4~30 Normal Plant 
Will O' Wisp (black)6~24 Normal Creation 
Will O' Wisp (orange)6~40 Normal Creation 
Will O' Wisp (blue)6~40 Normal Creation 
Ball Lightning7~50 Normal Spirit 
Killer Rabbit7~80 Normal Animal 
Ice Man7~50 Normal Creation 
Fire Egg7~80 Normal Creation 
Killer Bee8~80 Normal Insectoid 
Guardian Armor8~56 Normal Creation 
Ice Golem8~56 Normal Creation 
Salamander8~56 Normal Spirit 
Will O' Wisp (yellow)24~40 Normal Creation 
Will O' Wisp (green)24~40 Normal Creation 
Great Spirit of Wind60 Boss Spirit 
Great Spirit of Earth60 Boss Spirit 
Great Spirit of Water60 Boss Spirit 
Great Spirit of Fire60 Boss Spirit 
Nightmare65 Boss Demon